TwilightGamez collects and stores information about users in several different ways:

  • When you register your Minecraft account with the website, we require your email address, for verification purposes. We store your email address securely in our database, and it is only visible to our own Administrators, Managers and Developers.
  • On your account page, you can enter various details about yourself for display on your public profile. Entering this information is entirely optional.
  • All text sent through in-game chat or private messaging on our servers is saved indefinitely. Only Administrators, Managers and Developers. have access to these records, which we use to investigate reports of harassment and other rule violations.
  • The IP address you use to connect to our website or game servers is securely stored in our database. Only Administrators, Managers and Developers. have access to IP address records. They are sometimes used to find alternate accounts of banned players.
  • All reports and appeals created through our website are visible to all Administrators, Managers and Developers. Evidence provided with reports may also be revealed to the player being reported, so that they can defend themselves.

In general, TwilightGamez collects user information only for the purpose of improving our services. Sensitive information is only visible to our own staff, and only to those staff who need it to do their job. We have spent a great deal of effort creating procedures and technical mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of our users.