We are TwilightGamez, LLC. We are a Canadian based organization, founded in April 2013. We were originally called "GamerZING", renamed to TwilightGamez (TG) in September later that year when we initially went public. During that time, we got a player base of 200+ thanks to a Minecraft YouTuber known as iZtean, who today, unfortunately quit the game.

The content we've provided was always the highest of quality, as our Owner and Lead Developer (Jesse) has 10+ years of experience in Software Engineering, and even today continues in that field. At around May 2016, we closed down, due to Jesse seeking a developer opportunity at another Minecraft network, Shotbow. And now, almost 2 years later, due to conflict of interest and disinterest in the network's direction, Jesse quit Shotbow in January 2018.
After which, and directly because of this message, Shotbow done the unprofessional and banned Jesse for the reason "Conflict of Interest".
Despite having done nothing wrong except for writing this message. Shotbow speaks so proudly of "Professionalism" yet never actually shows it themselves.

TwilightGamez is making a return with the help of our Managers, who've stuck with us since the very beginning in 2013. We have brought onboard new staff members and working on bringing our old game modes back to life. We've since revised all of our ranks (both Staff and Donator alike) and fully revised our backend systems for future expansion. Our server runs on powerful custom-built server hardware, running the Linux distro Debian as it's OS. Our Minecraft network runs on a heavily modified build of PaperSpigot, running on a base version of 1.11.2. While our server base version is 1.11.2, we do support both forward and reverse client compatibility from 1.7.x - 1.12.x, with completely re-written server-side PvP and hit detection, stripping out most of 1.9's bad server-side PvP code. Additionally going as far as making several optimizations to the server-base with the highest quality code.